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The main product of PPP is manufactured from polyethylene foam (Polyethylene foam: EPE) is divided into 2 groups which are

Hot & Cool Insulation



Insulation products
Heat resistance / Cold protection
(Hot & Cool Insulation)

EPE FOAM PACKAGINGThe insulation group consists of both types of tubes, sheets that are manufactured from Polyethylene Foam, the foam is closed-cell, so it has very good insulation properties. Fire prevention And helps prevent sweat droplets inside the pipe system Used for air duct systems Air conditioning system, air duct, water pipe, etc.

Our PE foam insulation products can be divided into 4 product groups, namely pipe insulation, sheet insulation, roof insulation and solid pipe. Our insulation can effectively reduce energy waste in cooling. It is also environmentally friendly. Because it is produced from raw materials that do not contain CFC and HCFC, which can be recycled 100%.

Pipe and Sheet Insulation

Is an insulator produced from Polyethylene Foam. The foam's closed-cell characteristics make it very insulating. The pipe insulation has high flexibility and is easy to cut according to the size to be arranged according to the corners and edges. While in use, will maintain the shape and properties of protection Insulation of both pipe and sheet types. Available in many sizes. Properties can help prevent sweat droplets inside the pipe system. Used for air duct systems Air conditioning system, air duct, water pipe, etc.

Pipe Insulation Type

Sheet Insulation Type

Roof insulation and solid foam pipe

For roofing Roof insulation consists of PE foam sheet type insulation. And foil that has the ability to reflect and distribute heat Both types of materials are bonded together by heat. The insulation sheet is firmly adhered to, light weight, easy to install, has high dielectric efficiency

The solid pipe foam is a filling line foam made from polyethylene foam. (Polyethylene foam: EPE) is a material used for filling various traces in construction such as flooring. Concrete joints, road works, installation of glass, aluminum, groove, glass, wall or to seal traces in the refrigerator and other work, etc.

Roof insulation

Solid foam pipe


EPE FOAM PACKAGING The packaging group is made from Polyethylene Foam for wrapping products. To protect against damage to the packed product Not to scratch And or damage during transportation Can be used for a variety of needs, such as electronic parts, car parts, furniture / home decorations Bags / Leather Consumer goods, kitchenware, packing products for domestic and international parcel delivery and others.

Can be used for various tasks as appropriate for the job Currently, our products are divided into EPE foam, Roll, Sheet, Bag, Profile, Die Cutting, Fruit Net and Dunnage. Currently, there are various tight grades for customers to choose from. And has a grade that contains Anti-Static or Antistatic substances Which is mostly used in electronic workgroups etc.

EPE Foam roll, sheet, bag

EPE Foam (Roll) and Sheet (Sheet) with thickness from 0.5 mm. Up, lightweight, easy to use, can wrap the product To prevent shock Suitable for all types of packaging work And to prevent scratches of the encased material well Can cut into sheets (Cut size), produce into bags (Bag) according to customer needs. And as appropriate for the product to be packed.

Our EPE Foam can increase strength. Resistance to tearing and abrasion By bringing plastic sheet through the process with technology That causes adhesion to the surface of the foam (Laminate), which customers can choose to use. As appropriate And more diverse

EPE Foam Packaging Die-Cutting

EPE Foam Die-Cutting. EPE foam roll and sheet can be processed, stamping, cutting, assembling. Can be various according to customer needs Which is another product group That is popular and widespread in various industrial circles today, such as the automotive work group Electronic work group etc.

EPE Foam Packaging Profiles and EPE U Shape Foam

EPE Foam Profiles are various types of foam, including pipe profiles, rod profiles, U profiles, L profiles, T profiles, and various products. These can be designed and selected to meet the needs of a variety of applications, whether for packaging for general work. Furniture for export Automotive electronic parts, etc.


Dunnage work is a processing of PE FOAM products mixed with other types of materials such as paper, PP bork, EVA etc. Dunnage work is a package design to suit the packing of various items. To prevent objects moving and Not to cause damage.

EPE Foam Packaging Fruit Net

EPE Foam. Fruit netting is flexible, tough, lightweight, used to prevent damage from shocks during transportation. Moving In which the popular fruit is wrapped in a fruit net Most of them are soft fruit that can be easily damaged such as mango, papaya, apple, watermelon, cantaloupe and others. It can also be used in other applications such as egg eggs, flower wrappers, gift wrap etc.